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Welcome to ZoomInfo’s blog, a news and information hub for sales and marketing executives.

Throughout the workweek we’ll provide news, analysis, interviews with sales and marketing gurus, original surveys and, we hope, some humor. We’ll thrive to cover the entire waterfront: prospecting, sales intelligence, closing, recruitment, CRM and database management. How sales execs can work more effectively with their marketing colleagues will be a constant theme.

We like to think of ourselves as media agnostic, so we’ll cover Sales 2.0 as well sales tools of a more traditional variety.

While the Web has made it easier to cast a wider net for prospects, it has also made it harder to separate good leads from bad. As the latest CSO Insights report regarding sales performance indicates, sales pros are spending more and more of their precious time researching leads, with fewer hours working the sales funnel.

We would never underestimate the opportunities the Web has created for sales executives. But in sales dynamics, pressing the flesh is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon – the iPhone surgically attached to our wrists or not. Just as we recognize all the Internet has to offer sales execs, we don’t want to short shrift on how crucial the human component is in sales.

Whether online or offline, sales executives represent huge numbers throughout the business class and, subsequently, huge costs to employers. So, the main goal here is to share the sort of news and information that will ultimately enable sales and marketing execs to do their job better and work more efficiently.

With apologies to the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, we sympathize with sales executives who feel that they don’t get any respect. So, in addition to the nuts and bolts, we’ll strive to carry the kind of stories that illustrate the tremendous value sales execs bring to their companies – not to mention paying the rent.

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind readers that we’ve designed this blog to be participatory. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and ideas about how to enhance ZoomInfo’s blog and make it one of your top destinations in salesland.


MY PICMATTHEW SCHWARTZ I have been editor of Follow the Lead since its 2009 launch. I am also a contributing reporter for Crain’s BtoB and BtoB’s Media Business magazines, where I cover business media, marketing/advertising and, naturally, social media. Earlier in my career I was Editor of PR News, where I got an education in corporate communications, and a writer/producer for Fox News Channel and CNN, where I learned to pray at the altar of the deadline.  If you have any news, tips and information that you think would be suitable for sales and marketing executives, please give me a holler at


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