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Seeking contacts more clearly

There are few people who haven’t been affected personally by the economic downturn and high unemployment rate (10%). Either you are close to someone who has lost his or her job, or you know someone who knows someone who has been laid off. Dave Mendoza, for example, author of the influential blog,, recently learned that two of his neighbors got notices of pending layoffs.

Mendoza quickly took action. He visited one of those neighbors and “reverse engineered” a few methods he used to find passive candidate contact information in favor of identifying recruiters and corporate staffing executives to suit his friend’s job-search needs.

They proceeded to identify companies with local offices within the Denver area and searched various social networks and recruiting tools that are specifically for recruiters and staffing managers.  They identified the primary office number of each contact and then reviewed common e-mail constructs. “Essentially, we consolidated what would have been week’s worth of unorganized, random employer information into less than an hour of work,” Mendoza writes. “I can sincerely state, my friend’s face was visibly relieved and he transformed into a far more positive and motivated job seeker.”

The formatting Mendoza describes is a close cousin to FreshContacts,  which ZoomInfo recently launched in concert with  David Perry, author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0.” In his most recent blog post, Mendoza  discusses why he believes FreshContacts could be a game-changer for sales executives.

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