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Facing the (Digital) Nation

Freaked out by the velocity of change in business and culture wrought by the Internet and its growing-like-a-weed offspring, social media? It’s understandable.

Most every day there is a flurry of stories on social media; some of them thumb-sucking articles on the benefits/drawbacks of social media while others enumerate how businesses can craft a social-media strategy.

However, for a primer on where digital technologies may take us as a culture – as well as a fascinating history of how the Web has changed behavior – check out this superb documentary from PBS’ Frontline, titled, Digital Nation. The piece, which originally aired Tuesday night, can be seen in its entirety online.

Sales execs might want to pay close attention to the debate about how multitasking affects Generations Y and Z, or people now in their teens and 20s who are tomorrow’s b-to-b buyers. The kids say they are alright with it, but current studies suggest otherwise.

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